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UNESCO World Heritage

Few places in the world can offer as breathtaking a landscape as the fjords of Western Norway. Two of these areas are on the UNESCO World Heritage List; Nærøyfjord was inscribed on the list in 2005. This unique fjord is 17 kilometres long and only 250 metres wide at its narrowest.

The mountains around the fjord rise steeply up to 1800 metres, with the constant thunder of waterfalls cascading down their sides. Small farms unconnected to roads can be seen at several places along the fjord, evidence of the time when the fjord was this area's most important transport artery.

Nærøyfjord is a branch of the famous Sognefjord, and here you can take boat cruises from Flåm and Gudvangen (deep within Nærøyfjord) every day of the year.

World Heritage status is granted to areas which are judged to have particularly beautiful scenery or special cultural value. UNESCO is responsible for the World Heritage List whose purpose is to protect the world's natural and cultural heritage.

 Once inscribed on the list, the area is ensured of particular protection and care, both now and for the future.