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Two chefs cooking on open fire outside.

Taste of the Fjords

At Fretheim Hotel in Flåm, the focus is on the culinary experience. The skilled chefs not only aim for serving delicious food but also see it as a cultural carrier and a vital component of a sustainable local community.

A chef is cutting in a big piece of raw meat while another man in apron stands next by looking.

"You're not paying attention if you don't use what's right outside your own door."

- Odd Ohnstad from Haugen Gardsmat.

Three pigs on dirt ground outside. One looking at the camera. Green grass behind.
Happy animals give tasty meat.
A blonde man in a black jacket weeding in green salad

Local produce

And it is just paying attention and keeping up with times that Fretheim Hotel does. Whether you are dining at the hotel's restaurant Arven, or enjoying refreshments in the conference centre, chances are high you'll taste meat from the free-roaming pigs or the Scottish Highland cattle grazing at Haugen Gardsmat a few kilometres up the valley. As a side, you often get colourful and flavourful vegetables specially grown for the hotel by the local Sogn Agricultural School in Aurland.

A frying pan filled with slices of meat and green and orange vegetables.
A man in an apron sticking a knife into the raw meat of a lamb leg.
Scottish Highland Cattle relaxing in the shadow in front of a large green field with a red barn in the background.

Sustainability in practice

By supporting local producers, it's a win-win situation. Farmers maintain their livelihood, grazing animals help preserve the beautiful natural landscape, and happy animals taste better for the consumer.

Two men wearing aprons standing by a  fire pan.
The butts and tails of five free-range pigs.

"For Fretheim and for me, the good collaboration with Odd and Haugen Gard is very important. They are a vital part of the local community. Not only do they deliver excellent meat, but they also preserve the cultural heritage. Odd and Kristine (Ohnstad) are genuinely interested in what they do and possess fantastic expertise that benefits us."

- Bjarte Finne, former head chef at Fretheim Hotel

Two chefs sitting on benches with coffee cups talking.