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Panoramic view over green, flowering meadows with sheep in Aurland, with views over the UNESCO-listed Aurlandsfjord in Norway
A photo from the inside of the boutique-style restaurant at Hotel Aurlandsfjord, where you can see people having a lovely time indoors and out on the terrace
People enjoying the view from the top deck of the Future of the Fjords, sailing the UNESCO-listed Nærøyfjord in summer
A panoramic sunset view from the Stegastein viewing platform, with 2 people admiring the view of the Aurlandsfjord in autumn colours
A person sewing together a black original Aurland shoe at the Aurland shoe factory
2 people hiking at an old farm in Aurlanddalen in late summer, in steep terrain and among high mountains
3 people walking across a wooden bridge without a handrail over a thundering waterfall in the Aurlandsdalen Valley in summer
3 hikers walk along still waters in the beautiful and dramatic Aurlandsdalen Valley in summer
Sheep graze in flowering meadows with views over the World Heritage-listed Aurlandfjord with snow-capped peaks
A boathouse on the shoreline at the UNESCO-listed Aurlandsfjord in summer. Fertile mountainsides with snow-capped peaks

Exclusive fjord holidays in Aurland

Stay at our comfortable new 'boutique style' Hotel Aurlandsfjord while exploring some of the fjord gems highlights in Aurland, included in this package, the UNESCO-listed Nærøyfjord and Stegastein Viewpoint. On your way back, before visiting the Stegastein Viewpoint, there will be a 3,5 hour stop in Flåm, where you can grab a lunch, snack or coffee in one of our restaurants or bakery, hunt for local souvenirs in one of our stores or take a ride on the famous Flåm Railway.

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The inviting boutique-style Hotel Aurlandsfjord restaurant in green earth colours, with people having a great time indoors and out
Restaurant | Hotel Aurlandsfjord

Hotel Aurlandsfjord

Hotel Aurlandsfjord is a fjord hotel in Aurland with a quiet atmosphere, a central place to spend the night at the UNESCO World Heritage site when you want to experience the various attractions and activities available in the Flåm region. 6-minute walk from the fjord hotel to boarding the Fjord Cruise Nærøyfjord. A brief walk to the coach that will take you to the Stegastein viewing platform and the Flåm Railway.

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The package includes

  • 2 nights at Hotel Aurlandsfjord (inc. breakfast and dinner, 3 days)
  • Fjord Cruise Nærøyfjord return by bus to Flåm
  • Stegastein Viewpoint guided tour (Flåm-Stegastein-Aurland)

Duration: 3 days

From NOK 4415,-

Find peace in Aurland!

People standing along the guardrail aboard the Future of the Fjords on the UNESCO-listed Nærøyfjord in summer
Future of the Fjords | UNESCO Naeroyfjord

Fjord Cruise Nærøyfjord

Sail the magnificent Nærøyfjord from a completely new perspective aboard the Future of the Fjords, the world’s first fully electric passenger boat. This boat represents a state-of-the-art design and technology standard, designed to maximise the tourist experience. There are magnificent views from all decks and the lounges inside when you’re aboard our eco-friendly boat. Universal design of the boat makes it possible for everyone to move around seamlessly between the various decks. When you’re aboard, you can enjoy food and drinks from the kiosk. Huge panoramic windows guarantee you a fantastic experience even in bad weather.

The Future is the sister boat of the premium eco-friendly hybrid boat Vision of the Fjords, which won the prestigious boat of the Year award in 2016. 

A woman putting together an original black Aurland shoe on an old sewing machine at the Aurland shoe factory
Aurland shoe factory | Aurland

Aurlandskoen Économusée

Treat yourself to a tour of the penny loafer factory in Aurland at the UNESCO-listed Aurlandsfjord. You’ll find out all about the tradition of the craft and the history of the Aurland shoe (“the original penny loafer”), and see how these shoes are made – the cobbler will show you.

A woman in winter clothing enjoying the warm rays of the sun at sunset at the Stegastein viewing platform in Aurland, Norway
Stegastein viewing platform

Stegastein Viewpoint

The Stegastein viewing platform is definitely no hidden gem – it’s a must for anyone who’s driving past. That said, it’s less common for people to enjoy the view across the Aurlandsfjord and the World Heritage landscape at sunset. This structure, which juts 30 metres out from the mountainside, 650 metres above the fjord, offers unparalleled panoramic views. A more fantastic view of the fjord, mountains and surrounding landscape is difficult to imagine.

A man plunging down into the ice-green Nærøyfjord in radiant sunshine, surrounded by green mountainsides
A boathouse on the shoreline at the UNESCO-listed Aurlandsfjord in summer. Fertile mountainsides with snow-capped peaks
The Aurlandfjord
3 hikers admire the natural phenomenon of ‘Vetlehelvete’ at close range in the Aurlandsdalen Valley, separated by black water
‘Vetlehelvete’ | Aurlandsdalen Valley