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Open calm fjord landscape in blooming summer Hardanger Norway
Apple farmer pruning apple trees Hardangerfjord in background
6 Aga cider bottles on top of wood barrel inside Aga cider brewery Hardanger
3 ladies sitting outside in rosegarden Hardanger drinking cider and smiling
Apple farmer inspecting freshly tapped cider in a glas outside in Hardanger Norway
Small brown wooden house Agatunet Hardanger Norway early 1220 gras on roof resting on natural stones
9 different shaped cider bottles lined up on top of railing outside Utne Hotel Hardanger Norway
Apple farmer inspecting apples and trees beetween houses at Agatunet in Hardanger Norway

Fjord Cruise Hardanger

Fjord Cruise Hardanger is the perfect opportunity to explore the picturesque Hardangerfjord. The scenic cruise goes between Eidfjord and Odda with stops in Ulvik, Lofthus, Aga, Nå, and Tyssedal along the route.

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Tourists are standing on deck on board Vision of The Fjords sailing Hardangerfjord

Experience Hardanger from the fjord

Did you know that Hardanger is known as one of the most romantic destinations in Norway? Fruit production is the core of Hardanger, and in May/June the fjord is surrounded by rows on rows of fruit trees blossoming in pink and white. Add the views to snow-covered peaks, and the romantic vibes are complete.

In the summer, you can admire the fruit growing. As autumn get closer you can taste the fresh harvest of apples, plums, and sweet cherries, often directly from small fruit stalls along the road.

Either you are staying inside the vessel’s lounges or standing outside on deck, you will have great views to the scenic landscape dotted with small farms and cute villages.

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Timetable: Fjord Cruise Hardanger 2024.pdf

Guided tours and tastings at the farms are not included in the boat ticket. This must be pre-order from the various suppliers.

DURATION: 0-4 hours

From NOK 225,-
A hand holding a glass with cider. The Hardangerfjord, mountains and blue sky in the background.

Cider from Hardanger

From fruit comes cider. “Cider from Hardanger” is a protected geographical designation in line with Calvados and Champagne. There are 19 different cider producers in Hardanger, all with their own unique product based on their apples and local history.

Our kiosk has a variety of ciders available for purchase to enjoy on board the vessel, but it is also possible to book cider tasting at the different farms along the fjord.

Sunrise early morning by Hardangerfjord as farmer overlooking blooming apple trees
A branch with pink apple flowers  framing in a view of farms next to the Hardangerfjord. Mountains with patches of snow in the back.
©Robin Strand

Explore the fjord villages

Except for being involved in fruit and cider production, all the towns and villages connected with the fjord cruise are unique. Eidfjord is the innermost port, gateway to Hardangervidda National Park, and where you can visit the massive Vøringsfossen waterfall. Ulvik is a charming small village where you find the fruit & cider route consisting of three farms which you can visit to taste and buy their products.

At Lofthus you find the historic Ullensvang Hotel with spa and a magnificent pool stretching from inside to outside. For an authentic cultural and historical experience, stop in Aga and visit Agatunet museum – one of the oldest cluster farms in Europe, dating back to 1220. Nå are, just as the other villages, places where you can visit local cider producers. Just remember to book your visit prior to arrival.

In Tyssedal, you can visit the interesting Musem of Hydropower and Industry to learn about the origin of industrial Norway, and how Odda and Tyssedal went from being a tourist destination to pioneering in hydropower and industry. Odda is the largest town by the fjord, with several cafés and restaurants to choose between, a nice pedestrian street with various shops, and good opportunities to learn more about the importance of hydro power and industry to the region.

Man with ginger hair and grey cotton sweater is harvesting apples in a bucket Hardanger
Romatic couple in mid 50's enjoying cider relaxing on a bench in rosegarden Hardanger
©Utne Hotel

Timetable and Roundtrip Tickets

Timetable: Fjord Cruise Hardanger 2024.pdf

One way tickets: See timetable for more information.

Note! Tickets can only be purchased on the quay in Lofthus & Odda. All other stops are only guaranteed by online pre-booking.

On board

To optimise your fjord experience,
– download the Voice of Norway app. Available on Hardangerfjord

Food & beverages for sale

    • Hot and cold drinks (All rights: wine, local cider, and beer)
    • A simple menu with savory and sweet options.

Please note that The Fjords DA reserves the right to alternate vessels in its fleet due to weather conditions, capacity and maintenance. Note that changes can occur at short notice. Other vessels might not have the same level of accessibility for wheelchair users and other people with accessibility aids. Information about our operating vessels can be obtained by contacting our call centre: (+47) 57 63 14 00

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