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View of Aurland, Flåm, the Aurlandsfjord and surrounding mountains on a sunny spring day.
A man walking along the path to Prest above the Aurlandsfjord on a cloudy autumn day
A tourist standing on a boat photographing Aurland village centre in the winter
M/S Future of The Fjords sailing past Aurland on the fjord in the summer
Stegastein Viewpoint in spring. Snow-capped mountains and green trees above the fjord.


Authentic and idyllic Aurland is nestled between tall mountains and the Aurlandsfjord only a 10 minutes’ drive from Flåm. The local attractions vary from cultural heritage at the Aurland Shoe Factory to the spectacular Stegastein Viewpoint 650 metres above the fjord. Hikers are in for a treat here as the surrounding mountains offer plenty of excellent hiking trails with views to the fjord and lush valleys.

Be inspired to visit Aurland

Explore Aurland – the pearl by the Aurlandsfjord. Find inspiration for hikes and other activities and start dreaming.